100,000 views: Thank you!

In the past hour or so, we passed the 100,000 views mark. This has been achieved in just over 18 months, and in just short of 500 posts. And yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve been watching the stats like a hawk, knowing we were going to achieve the figure yesterday or or today, based on the average views the blog gets each day.

Given that we’re a niche SL lifestyle blog (as opposed to skin/hair/fashion) I think all who have been involved can be justifiably proud of their efforts.thanks2

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ella, Harry, Pookes and Barbara who have all contributed some stellar work over that period, as well as to Areola, Pierre, and other contributors who have also helped develop SLN into a blog you -the SL user- seem to enjoy.

At this point we’re about to lead on to ‘stage 2’ of the project. Not the ‘Stage 2’ I envisaged when we first started out, but it has been a journey with some twists and turns. Hopefully we can enjoy some further twists on the road in the continuing SL blogging sojourn.

We’ve got a little ‘behind the scenes’ work to do over the next week or so, before ‘stage 2’ goes ‘live’.

Ella will be making an announcement on this page regarding some (subtle) changes to SLN in the next week.

Thank you for reading SLN. We, all of us, appreciate you taking the time to enjoy what we do. Here’s to the next 18 months, the next 500 posts, and the next 100,000 viewers!

Howie Lamilton (Publisher)

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