Pookes’ surgery

Relax! No one’s putting me under the knife!

In British politics a ‘surgery‘ isn’t anything to do with medicine but, instead, a morning (quite typicially, a Saturday morning, in a town hall, village hall, scout hall or somewhere similar) where an MP, a Member of Parliament, will meet his constituents on a one to one basis.

If a constituent (a voter) wishes to meet their MP and raise an issue personal to them, or as a representative of a larger community, they can do so.

So, in a sense, SLN’s readers represent our constituency. We exist to serve the needs of SL’s naturist community. Does SLN properly represent you? Is it featuring the things you want to see? Are you happy with our performance? Could we do anything better? These are all valid questions.

With this in mind, Ella and I have decided that, now we have an office presence in SL at both Su Casa and Eden, we should put ourselves out there to see if there’s anything you think we could be doing better. And it’s a chance for us to maybe meet some of you, the readers, and see if we can do better, spread our net wider, promote the things you like, or just even offer you the chance for you to say hello.

Ella and I have decided that, for an hour each week, one of us will pre-announce our presence in SL, and be available for a chat and a (virtual) cuppa at either Su Casa or Eden. (If anyone else wants us to pop in and hang around, drop either of us an IM and we’ll certainly try to comply with a request).

So…starting tomorrow night, Monday, from 8pm UK time (midday, SL time), I’ll be at the SL office presence at the Su Casa lighthouse, through until 9pm (1pm SL time). (21.00-22.00 Central European time) Try not to land on my head, yeah? 🙂

Yep, I know this is inconvenient for north American readers (and probably equally useless for those in Australia, Japan and elsewhere but we’ll try and address that in future, with one of us probably making an early morning ‘surgery’ (our time) or late night surgery (our time) so best to serve other global locations.

Essentially, this first one’s going to be more convenient for European readers.


In case you don’t know what I look like (and I have slightly altered my look recently), here’s a couple of photos of the avi you’re looking for.

pookes su casa2_001b pookes su casa_001b

It’s a woman’s prerogative to be fashionably late, so if it’s 8.05pm, and I’m not there, don’t panic. I’ll be along in due course. And if I am late, I’ll hang on an equivalent period after 9pm.

Hope to see you then.


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