Taking a break until Friday

duncan and pookes3 with france_001c
Our new SL best friend has to be the male avatar in this photo, RL naturist and wonderfully naked Chunky Duncan (wearing an appropriately ‘more body fat’ sized avatar).

If you don’t get the naturist humour in ‘Duncan’s’ name, let me point you at a naturist saying you’ll find on coasters, fridge magnets and the like…


I have to confess I’ve not met him yet in SL, it’s Pookes who has made me aware of his existence, but we certainly admire the style, and Pookes is preparing a post in which she talks to ‘Duncan’ about his love of naturism.

I’m taking a break until Friday. Real life imposes itself on me, so it’s a few nights of scribbling ideas and formulating posts when I get the chance rather than actually posting. I’ll be back on Friday evening, with that Pookes-penned blog post on Chunky Duncan’s real life naturist activities, and how he sees the SL variant as an interesting and different way to meet RL naturists and share experiences. See you then!