DeShadow Cove


Courtesy of Diane, I’ve been pointed at a new(?) naturist sim in SL, DeShadow Cove.

I hopped over there earlier to take a look around. It seems that the sim is pretty new, as there’s quite a small membership as of now (you can join the group for free). Having joined the group you’ll have full access to their facilities which do include naughty pose balls, but equally you can use them to cuddle up to a significant other rather than get racy, should you choose.

I’ve not yet been able to establish who runs DeShadow, but when I do I’ll ensure we try to get an interview with them for SLN.



Strictly speaking it’s not naturist, but ‘clothing optional’, but CO, for SLN staff (and readers, hopefully!) means going bare. Is there any other way to travel? 🙂


I was immediately drawn to the pool. I love good swimming pools in SL, and this one is right up there, so having tested the temperature of the water I executed a perfect dive into its warm water. Incidentally, for those of you who like to swim in SL, you can also collect a free ‘swimmie’ attachment at the pool’s edge in order to execute proper swimming animations around the grid.


I also love the vibrancy of the colours at DeShadow. Look at the blue of the pool water set against the blue of the sky! It made for some marvellous photographs.

Diane has also sent me some photographs of herself and a friend at DeShadow Cove, and once again the colours are stunning and the facilities broad in aspect, catering for every taste, from the friends wanting to sunbathe right through to those who wish to be more intimate.

deshadow5Diane and her friend share a cuddle in the jacuzzi


Followed by a massage

Changing the sun settings would appear to make the place seem even more atmospheric, judging by some of Diane’s photographs.

ella deshadow2_001b

As usual, the pose balls aren’t of any interest to me, but are something you may wish to avail of. But I have to say that the layout of the place would suggest that, if it succeeds in attracting a crowd, and I hope it does, then the emphasis is going to be on sociability, always a big plus in SL.

And it’s so good to be reporting on the establishment of a new naturist venue in SL. I wish DeShadow every success.



H van, Parte Deux

Last year we published a post that featured, within SL, a Citroen H van. Disappointingly, I didn’t get my own photo taken beside it at the time and the location no longer exists in SL (I just checked).

I love these vans, because there’s some quintessentially French about them (hardly surprising as Citroen made them). Citroen’s DS car (below) is another iconic model, as is…



…the 2CV (2 cv stands for ‘deux chevaux’, two horse (power) 🙂 )


I love the 2CV, and my fondness for it is in part due to this car being the first car I ever owned. It was a wreck, cost £100, and never let me down over a three year period.

Incidentally, the French do paint cars in colours other than green, the similar colours above are coincidental.

So why a post about French cars? The photo below explains all. It’s not just me who likes the juxtaposition of nude model and French chic.



I think my next task in SL is to locate one of these vans and see if I can finally get photographed beside such a unique piece of automotive engineering.



A beginner’s guide to the SL naturist lifestyle (Part 1)

Clothesfreelife, a naturist blog we follow (and who follows SLN) made a comment earlier this week about having dipped a toe into SL but not being sure where to go as a naturist within the grid itself, and asked if we could advise.

Of course we can!

Indeed, it’s often my hope that people who read regular naturist blogs, such as the excellent clothesfreelife, sometimes wonder, as a result of the linkage we receive there and on other blogs, as to what the virtual version of naturism is like, and also decide to dip a toe into the SL world.

Let me make it clear: there is no comparison. SL naturism will always be a pale imitation of the real thing, but then ‘Call of Duty’ is always going to be a pale imitation of war, ‘World of Minecraft’ a pale imitation of another virtual world, ‘FIFA 15’ a pale imitation of appearing in a professional soccer league.

So while ‘Call of Duty’ will never fully represent the realities of war, the smells, the fear, the tension, the adrenalin, and ‘FIFA 15’ will never fully represent the endless grind of training sessions and tedious travel arrangements, SL naturism will never fully reflect a sense of heat, humidity and the logical path of taking clothes off in order to feel comfortable, will never fully reflect an initial sense of fear, trepidation and then exhilaration in swimming naked in a public location.diana trench coat4_001b

That said, there are elements of SL that do open people’s eyes to certain aspects of a lifestyle (not necessarily naturist) in which there’s a gradual dawning of the ‘rules’, the etiquette, and the culture of a lifestyle. In this, SL naturism excels. It’s one think to put together a rather handsome or beautiful SL avatar that looks fabulous naked, but once immersed in SL naturism there’s a gradual dawning that however sexy the avatar created, you’re no longer sitting there talking to them because they look pixel perfect. You’re drawn to people for their personality, not the fact that their boobs or penis are fabulously large, skins tanned, lips pursed and pouty. Not unlike RL naturism. You can sit there chatting, in RL, to an attractive looking person without forever gazing at their private parts. If they’re dull, you’re going to avoid them in a major way. The same applies to an older person who is maybe out of condition. The emphasis isn’t on how ‘ugly’ they look (which appears to be the younger generation’s go-to reaction when faced with the nudity of older people) but on how interesting they are. In my experience there’s young attractive bores and old ‘unattractive’ bores. Young, good looking people with fascinating personalities and older, maybe wrinkled people with fascinating personalities. It’s all about having a personality, not age or the suppleness of the skin.

So you come to realise that some elements of SL naturism are a very accurate reflection of the RL version.

Of course, people reading regular naturist blogs, who click through to sites like SL Naturist may not be Second Life avatars. Some will not be interested in a virtual world. Some may be interested in it, but don’t want to commit time and, yes indeed, real money in an experiment. So…the idea is to offer a Beginner’s Guide to SL, with special emphasis on SL naturism.

diana trench coat2_001b

I’ve split this into a couple of different sections, with this Introduction to be followed through next week by a Guide on making a good looking avatar on the cheap (i.e. without spending any RL money at all), and then a Guide on where to go, once inside SL, to get a sense of the virtual naturist lifestyle. You never know, you may just get into conversation with other like-minded, naturist individuals and converse on matters pertaining to RL naturism (I do this all the time).

I can’t give timescales as to when I’ll get subsequent parts of this post published, because I’m deep in a period of RL where I’m snowed under, work-wise, but I’ll do my best to have at least the 2nd part published during the week. If not, both parts will appear next weekend.



nb: the relevance of the photos above will become clear in ‘Part 2’, as the skin, coat and boots worn by our model are all L$0 free items that will certainly help you, a newcomer to SL, look fabulous.



Well done Australia!

Australians have set a new world record for the number of skinny dippers. 790 naked people made it into the water, so congratulations to all of them.

266E53B300000578-2984900-image-a-1_1425817545806 266FC5D100000578-2984900-image-a-5_1425818476879


Let’s pull some quotes out of the article where I read this:

‘In my 23 years of existence, I have never felt as accepted and as comfortable as I did today, standing naked with 790 people,’ said participant Sarah Jimmy


‘If I had been given this experience as a teenager, to see everyone as they are,

and to realise just how different and beautiful everyone is in the own way,it would have saved me from years of self doubt.

‘Everyone had a smile on their face.’

Not all will have been ‘naturists’. Indeed, it’s likely that self-confessed naturists will have been in the minority of the 790 dippers.

Which goes to show that in the right circumstances many people will happily shed their clothing to become ‘naturist’, if only for a brief time. So how are you going to change, world, to make the circumstances right for everyone, all of the time?


There’s no feeling more wonderful, more natural, to enjoy the sun on your skin and to swim without restrictive clothing. Everyone should have the opportunity to try it.


WNBR 2015

The World Naked Bike Ride season has begun 🙂

It kicked off in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday, I believe, and there’s a youtube video (actually a compilation of high quality still shots) online already.

2 4


I’ve also added a couple of photos from a google image search which infer they’re from Cape Town, 2015.

SLN will try to keep you updated on the various rides going on throughout the year and Ella and I are committed to trying to organise an SL equivalent in world this year.

We’ve been trying to get something going for the past couple of years and have written about it here and here in the past. We’re determined that we secure a spot at this year’s SL ‘Burning Man’ festival so that we can run a ‘Critical Tits’ ride at it.

While a couple of hundred avatars all cycling nude would be a fantastic photo to capture, that’s not going to happen due to what would be, in Second Life, ‘lag hell’ (i.e. the volume of avatars at a sim means the full images of the people and buildings don’t fully develop due to server overload). But we’re hoping to do something on a smaller scale at some point during the year.

Many Second Life sims now have rezzable bikes, and I’ve seen many avatars use them, so I’m rather hoping we can exploit this SL meme to organise an SL WNBR event at some point during the year, and also sponsor our own SLN event during SL’s ‘Burning Man’.