Del May poses

sea cuddles1


Del May Poses is a store that’s new to me, but I have to say I was greatly impressed by their work. Imaginative poses that immediately caught my eye, so much so that I summoned Mr. Keng online to assist me with some couples poses, poses that…shall I say…go a little way down the track to replicate those cuddly, luvved-up moments we’ll have on holiday, wrapped around each other in the sea, remembering all the reasons why we fell in love, the reasons that often, for many of us, are put on the back burner due to real life getting in the way (lawn needs mown, car needs servicing, bills need paying). Sometimes it can feel like we’re sleepwalking through life dealing with the mundane.



I could have spent so much more on Del May poses. Indeed, I may well do! 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a selection of those we did buy! A little more cuddlesome than you’d usually get on SLN, but they are terrific poses, well worth sharing with you.


The last of the poses, a single pose, is called ‘You could have knocked’, and at the store features a lady in her bathroom, a towel covering her. I thought that, as well as that scenario, it did a good job of replicating me entering the sea almost every time on holiday…that ‘brrrrrrr!!!!!’ moment before you realise ‘hey, come on in, the water’s lovely!’ 🙂




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