Apple Island

Hugh has just sent me something he’s been working on for part of his day – a portfolio of images from Apple Island, home to Imeka, a store that does numerous poses and some clothing.

Here’s how Hugh describes the portfolio in his own words.

‘I’ve done two shoots there today, a small set featuring Sandra, and set around a small gondola on a lake, and then a number of photos with a stunning redhead called Alison, all around the island. I used the sim’s natural light settings, and all of the poses featured are either from a couple of free group gift sets available in their store, or else are part of the poses that can be found around the island. I found the place to be incredibly photogenic and easy to take photographs in’.



An example of Hugh’s shoot can be seen above, with the remainder viewable on our Flickr page. There are two free group gifts of poses available at the store, one of general stands, and another of ballet poses.

It does look beautiful, doesn’t it?


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