Location, location, location

Estate agents (called ‘realtors’ in north America?) often use the phrase ‘location, location, location’ as the most important things when buying or selling a house.

It’s slightly different in Second Life, where we can generally all find a great location to build our homes, but in the context of SLN2, where we utilise models as advertisements for the naturist lifestyle, we also like to step away from just the naturist sims in order to provide a different backdrop to the photos.

Of course, many locations don’t accept nudity as being part of their sim. I often teleport into sims where the ‘rules’ specifically outlaw it. Just like real life. Yet many photographers in real life don’t bother about these types of rules, posing their models in nature, or even in urban settings, with nudity displayed. Why should it be different in Second Life? Rules are made to be broken or ignored.

Yes, we certainly teleport into a new location clothed, and progress from there depending on how many people are around. There are many, many beautiful locations in SL and I think it’s important to highlight them – as well as setting a good looking naked avatar into the photograph.

The Vecchi Amici winery is one recent discovery (courtesy of the Fab Free blog).




I’m not sure what their policy towards nudity might be, but I would hazard that the pose which finds our model sitting in a barrel bath isn’t really expected to be a ‘clothed’ pose. Maybe a swimsuit…but who bathes in a swimsuit?


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