More summer wear (from a naturist blog!)

Fab Free has a cart sale going on until the 19th, and it includes a lot of L$10 items, plus the odd L$50 item, on the carts.

I haven’t seen it all, but you can read about it all here on their own wordpress page.

Anyway…these all generally fall into the ‘naturist accessory’ category, items you may wish to pick up to enhance that SL naturist experience. Yes, even the dress! A sun dress can be part of a naturist’s wear between, for example, apartment (or hotel) and beach, don’t you know? You do? Oh, yeah, I keep telling you this! 🙂

The highlighted links on the page link I’ve given will follow on through to a url and tp you to your favourite designer as a starting point. After that, simply wander around.

mesh sun dress_001b



This sun dress comes with a hud so you can select one of eight different colours. The dress is mesh.

overkini no bra_001b

This ‘overkini’ is lovely. Sheer, as you can probably see! 🙂

belly chain_001b

I do like a belly chain. I think they add a little…hmmm…decoration to a body and are a particular favourite amongst RL naturists.


Finally, I picked up this cute rezzable sandcastle. I will certainly being doing some of this with my children on my forthcoming naturist hols.

Remember: children need factored to the max in the summer sun, need to wear a hat, and need to have their time in the sun limited. 


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