Postcard from Spain : Day 4(2)

We walked back along the beach from our evening meal at a nearby restaurant. The sun had almost gone, but the Spanish like to squeeze the last out of the sun’s rays each day, and you’ll often see a few hardy souls in the rapidly descending night still enjoying the last of the beach.

So it was tonight. A naked family, Mum, Dad, and two daughters in the sea. There was also an older man, who hadn’t gone into the water, and I’m guessing he was Grandpa.

Last year, it seemed to me that shaving, for women, was resolutely ‘out’, but it seems this time around that it’s ‘in’.

Older and younger women alike, the razor has been out in force, and natural looking women are thin on the ground. But as she emerged from the sea and tugged a tank top on, ‘Mum’ turned and demonstrated that the razor is not a part of her bathroom routine.

I can’t, for several reasons, pose a family, so I searched through my wardrobe to replicate what I saw. The beach Mum’s tank top was yellow, but other than that, this is close to the scene I saw as Mum walked to the water’s edge, telling her daughters it was time to come out of the water.

ella sunset shirt2_001b


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