Naturist Evening Wear

From time to time I see items of clothing that readily lend themselves to the naturist lifestyle. Lady naturists do love to dress up in the evening (I must be an exception, regarding a skirt and tank as more than adequate clothing for going to a restaurant) to the point where you imagine they’ll have packed more clothing than a lady going on a conventional textile holiday will have done!

Blue Couture is currently offering a lace dress. Now, in its planned version, there’s an under-slip that hides everything, but I immediately saw the potential in taking off the alpha layer and under-petticoat to produce a racier version. I can readily imagine the ladies of Cap D’Agde going out for dinner dressed thus.

ella lace dress_001b

The black lingerie is from my inventory and not part of the set. I’ve added them to produce a more modest, but still ‘racy’ look to the dress.

ella lace dress3_001b


Once the lingerie was removed, the lace dress itself proves itself to be rather more revealing. Incidentally, the lace had the odd effect of making my…er..’lady garden’ seem as though it wasn’t there, despite it being worn. 

So there you have it! If any of you SL lady naturists are going out for dinner or dancing in something a bit daring, then this dress may well be for you! It’s at Blue Couture and is a L$0 group gift (there’s no group joining fee).



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