Carpe Diem at the Commune (No.2)

As promised on my previous blog post, I’ve been over to Commune Utopia again this evening for their ‘Woodstock Wednesdays’ evening. Real musicians, real singer/songwriters playing live, at home, and feeding the sound into SL. What a great thing that is!

There’s no story (again). I’ll leave the real stories to the wordsmiths, Ella and Pookes. Instead, I’ve just captioned raw photos to capture a sense of the fun.


Dango, as photographed from backstageWW2

In hippy parlance, ‘where it’s at, man!’. Come on, get over to the Commune now!


Vinnie performing onstage


Our beautiful hostess, Soco, looking stunning complete with baby bump, and Bric at the front of the dance floorWW5

Sedi, owner of the Commune, arrives for what would turn into an impromptu naked dance night


Mae, Hilaire and, yes indeed, your intrepid photographer (right) on the dance floor


L-R Mae, Hilaire, Sedi, a butterfly, SoCo and your photographer


Pookes turned up right at the end. She and I danced topless, performer Dango isn’t sure what to make of it! 🙂 And that bloody butterfly is photobombing us!


An overview of the dance floor at this C-O (clothing optional) event


Bric shows off his moves while Hilaire and Mae appear to be deep in conversation.

SoCo, Bric, Sedi, Hilaire and Mae


Your photographer, Hilaire and Mae still dancing. What stamina we had for three hours of terrific live music.


A sense of how busy the Commune’s dance nights can be is shown above and below
WW15 WW16 WW18 WW19 WW20

Pookes and I finally got a sit down. I can’t believe how sad I look in this pic, lol!

WW21 WW22

A splendid time is guaranteed for all, as it says on the sleeve to the Sergeant Pepper album.


Same time next week, boys and girls? I hope so.


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