Eden’s Pearl

Might the SL sim closure crisis be at an end? It’s looking that way. For the past 12-18 months it seems that we’ve done nothing but report the closure of yet another SL naturist location. With us reporting on DeShadow, with another one to be reported on over the weekend, and with this one, Eden’s Pearl, open, it seems like there’s suddenly a number of new naturist sims to interest you and for you to visit.

Remember: some of these sims will be relatively new, so you may find them sparsely populated on entry. That’s OK. It’s your place to make these locations work. I think it’s time we ended this sense of standing at the margins and watching. Make it part of your SL naturist year to tp into a place and, if anyone’s around, march up and say ‘hello’. Get a sense of community going. Get conversing. Be sociable.

Eden’s Pearl, I should make it clear, isn’t related to the Eden Naturist Estate, but seemingly a separate entity. It’s relatively sparse in its facilities, but what it has got, oh boy, does just one element of it make it a winner in my eyes. This build, I would say, owes at least something to Croatian naturism. I’ll explain in a moment.

I’m a regular in Croatian naturist campsites. That’s not the spartan experience it sounds. Luxury tents, complete with cooking facilities, and with communal shower blocks.

322873385 788557021 1810208436 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The photos above, all from Croatia, give a sense of that campsite feel with communal showers, of rocky beaches with man-made sunbathing areas. And that’s exactly what Eden’s Pearl feels like – a little bit of Croatian naturism set down in SL. I love it!!!!!

I’ve had difficulty in finding out exactly who owns or runs it, and there doesn’t appear to be an associated ‘group’ at the moment, but I’ll see if I can follow up and bring you more background on who’s running Eden’s Pearl, and whether Croatia does indeed exist as a template.


So close to the Koversada/Vrsar communal shower block experience it’s unreal! 🙂

edenspearl2 edenspearl3


Eating lunch on one of those ‘man made’ concreted areas? Yes. Another Croatian-like naturist experience so close to real life.


I’m contemplating going to the loo, lol. I did go, but I’ll spare you that photograph!



My companion Guillaume showers while I clean my teeth 

For the ‘shower block’ feel, for the ‘man made concreted areas’ that replicate Croatia exceptionally well, Eden’s Pearl deserves 10/10!

Try it. I think you’ll find it’s another naturist sim with something a bit different, a ‘feel’ all of its own. I’ll be watching Eden’s Pearl develop, I hope, in the coming months as I countdown the days until my own return to Croatia.


Ella adds: It would be nice to have more toilet facilities in SL naturism, lol. There are times when all of us have decided we need a ‘bio break’, as one SL naturist once put it to me, i.e. he needed a pee. If that’s about to happen in RL, why not the chance to nip to a SL loo for ‘full effect’ and ‘realism’? Or is that a bridge too far? 🙂

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