WNBR (UK rides)

The World Naked Bike Rides season, as far as the northern hemisphere is concerned, is now in full swing.

Here in the UK it’s Bristol today, Cardiff tomorrow, and then arguably ‘the big weekend’ next weekend, with Manchester, London and Brighton all taking place next week. Elsewhere, I think Los Angeles and Toronto are also next weekend. However, let me remind you…

That’s Manchester next weekend…ahem…next weekend I’m riding in Manchester 😉

It’s not something I’ve done before, and while I’m quite comfortable being nude in a naturist context, it will be strange cycling on the roads, the subject of every camera and smartphone along the route. Because, I’ve witnessed it and done it myself, everybody likes to grab a few shots or a short bit of movie of the WNBR in action.




I’ll be reporting on my experience next weekend. SL Naturist writer Pookes wrote about her experience last year, and as far as I’m aware she’s repeating the experience this year as well. It was her reporting of her experience that encouraged me to get involved this year. I hope we can get Pookes to report from Brighton for SL-FKK.




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