Postcard from Spain: Thursday evening

My travelling companions are, as you will know by now, Celts. Pale of skin and easily burnt. So today ended up more or  less a ‘rest day’, a rest from the sun on a day when it reached 100 degrees, apparently. So a local told us.

Being Anglo-Saxon, my skin does lend itself to greater exposure, so while my friends remained in the apartment for most of the day -our early morning beach ramble excepted- under the shade of the balcony awning. Still enjoying the warmth, but not directly exposed to it.

It’s an important point to make. Many Brits will be heading for the sun in the next weeks, and whether it’s a naturist or textile location, remember that you’re exposing more skin to a fiercer sun than at home, and you should always take care to get the factor on everywhere likely to be exposed.

The same applies wherever you are in the world. Why look forward to a much-needed vacation, then overdo it on the first day or two, and end up in bed suffering from heatstroke or sunstroke? Not a lot of fun!

Now that the sun has gone down it has actually got breezy and chilly. We all came prepared with cardigans, on the basis that we will be landing in the UK at the weekend and, well, maybe winter coats would’ve been a better bet, packing wise. I’m sure it will be raining! 🙂

So the cardigans are on covering our freezing top halves. Oddly enough, below the waist, where we’re sheltered behind the apartment’s balcony wall, we’re all fine. So the scene right now is something like that I’ve captured below…times three!

ella cardigan2_001b



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