The ‘Topless Tuesday’ meme

Some of the blogs indulge in ‘Topless Tuesdays’, so it’s not just SLN that isn’t afraid to show a little skin!

The meme has its now flickr group page, so if you want to see how others present a discarded brassiere, check this out!

We’ve previously done a few ‘Topless Tuesday’ type shots on SLN, and maybe it’s time for another.

Perhaps not tomorrow, but certainly next week (if we haven’t become distracted in the meantime).

In the meantime, just to get you in the mood, here’s one of our old SL friend Emmanuelle (in a way partly responsible ofr SLN itself!) in a ‘Topless Tuesdays’ style. Maybe some of you would like to send your own efforts our way?

emmanuelle alla moda2_001b


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