Editorial update

I hope you’re all enjoying Daphne’s look on how to fill a suitcase, specifically for a naturist holiday -cool and sexy evening wear, mostly- but with clothes that will also suit ‘textiles’ (clothes wearing holiday makers). I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings us, and how we fill that suitcase, over the next few months. I’ve already spotted a couple of items that really would suit my own RL ‘naturist suitcase’, that chemise in particular. Yes, I know it’s not ‘naturist’, but for anyone who has ever been on a naturist holiday, the sense of ‘evening glam’ should certainly resonate because we -naturist ladies- do love a bit of glamorous dressing up in the evening. I’ve already laid aside a folder in my inventory specifically to store the said items I particularly like, and when I get out to Spain, for real, in June I’ll endeavour to wear them in some of the ‘postcards’ posts I’ll be offering, just to reflect my RL naturist holiday evenings and, if Daphne gets around to it, beach wear as well. As I’ve said, often, it’s not naturism 24-7 even on a naturist holiday. That chemise Daphne showed would be typical nightwear for me…or more accurately, typical early morning wear. Until the sun gets up and going, the mornings can have a bit of a chill to them, and so terrace breakfasts often require something to be put on.

In other news, I’m going to be holding my first ‘surgery’ on Monday night, at Eden, at our office, and immediate surroundings, and as promised I’m going to try to make it a ‘late night’ one, in the hope that more of our north American friends and readers can drop by. So that will commence at 11pm (UK time) on Monday evening, and go on until…I’m falling asleep, basically. Midnight, 1am, 2am…I’m not putting a time on it!

Let me draw your attention to the graphic (below) currently doing the rounds on several naturist tumblr sites, and brought to my attention by Harry.


What do you think? An accurate reflection? It’s hard to tell just how accurate the figures might be, it would depend on the size of the poll, and the age-range, and other factors.

My interpretation is (and always has been) that pubic topiary, or removal, has been driven by the porn industry, where shaving made for more graphic movies. And my interpretation is that women, and men too, have been led sheep-like to follow a fashion, follow a trend. This is strange from a naturist point of view, as to why so many of us have slavishly followed a fashion trend. Surely naturism is about being an individual, not being someone driven by the fashion (and certainly porn) industries.

Is pubic hair doomed? Will the wheel come full circle? I’d love to hear your opinions on the pubic hair issue. Maybe it’s something we can talk about at the surgery on Monday night.

See you then?


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